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Welcome to Zahi Tech, your go-to Learning Management System (LMS) designed to empower individuals by providing a platform to learn and create courses. At Zahi Tech, we are dedicated to fostering knowledge exchange and skill development. As the operator of this innovative online learning platform, led by Zahi Najmal, a 10-year-old enthusiast in education and technology, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information. Join us on the journey of continuous learning and creation at Zahi Tech!”

About Zahi Najmal

Hi I am Zahi Najmal, I Am an Passionate For Making Websites, This Website Is an Learning Platform For Others To Learn And Grow And Teach Others They’re Skills To Others On The Community.


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We Consider The Community To Use Their Creativity As Much As Possible But If Not Having The Right Words You Can Use From Other Websites But Don’t Copy The Full Content Try Making More Creative Words And Sentences.

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We Retain Your Data As Per The Standards.